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About Me

Located in Northern Colorado. Professional audio engineer/musician specializing in all manner of alternative rock producing recording, mixing, and mastering.

I've been working professionally in recording, mixing, songwriting, & performance for about 11 years now. Immediately after high school, where I spent most of my time in bands/recording, I moved to AZ to study audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. Following that program I lived in NYC for a couple years working as a tracking engineer & finding my voice as an artist. I moved back to CO to pursue my musical project— Gleemer— more fully & have since dedicated myself entirely to making records with other artists & friends. For me, every record needs to be treated as an individual, & I never recycle approaches. I listen deeply to & work with my clients ideas to collaborate on a record that speaks to our hearts, & captures the original emotional intention. This process should be invigorating, affirming, & powerful. I lean heavily on technical knowledge, collaboration, analog equipment, loud instruments, & quality performances.