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I try to keep this up to date. If you have anything particular you'd need for your project I can probably get my hands on it.

1968 Fender Twin
1954 Fender Deluxe

1969 Fender Princeton 

1968 Fender Bassman 50W 

1962 Vox AC30 w original Alnico Blues 


1991 Vox AC15 UK 

1959 Fender Harvard 

1955 Gibson GA30 

1980s Mesa Mark III 

Fender Super Bassman 

2x15 70s ProCo Cab 

1980s Peavey Mark IV 

Orange PPC412-C Cab w V30s 

Marshall 1960AX 4x12 w Greenbacks 
Weber X-Cab open-back 2x12 with ceramic Gray Wolves
Weber Z-Matcher

Weber MASS 200 Attenuator



1990s Fender Mexi Tele w Lollars 

Rickenbacker 350v63 

1978 Fender P Bass 

1963 Fender Jaguar 

Fender Mexi Jazz Bass 

Fender Custom Shop Strat 

Fender Nocaster Reissue Tele 

Martin X Series Acoustic 

Wildwood Spec custom Gibson Les Paul 


Ibanez TS9 

Benson Preamp 

Paul Cochran's Tim 

Full tone Full Drive 2 

LAND Devices Pre 
LAND Devices HP-2

Walrus Audio Emissary 

ProCo Big Box Rat Reissue 90s 
Electrofoods Lil Pig 

Wren & Cuff Your Face Fuzz 
Wren & Cuff The Caprid

EHX Russian Big Muff Reissue 
EHX Big Muff Pi w/ Ram's Head mod

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe 

Kingpin Custom Fuzz 

Boss CE-2w  


Dr Scientist Cosmichorus 

EHX Deluxe Memory Man (vintage) 

Boss/Roland CE-1 (vintage) 

Strymon Flint

Strymon El Capistan 

Strymon Lex 

Neunaber Wet 

EHX Mel9 

Boss DD-200 

EHX Bass Clone 
EHX Bad Stone (vintage)



13, 16, 24 Maple GLADSTONE Series C&C Shells 

1990s 14x6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic 

1990s 14x6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty 


Istanbul Agop 24in Joey Waronker Ride 

Istanbul Agop 24in trad dark crash 

Istanbul Agop 15in 30th Anniv Hats 

Zildjian K Light 15" Hats 

Istanbul Agop 15in OM Cindy Blackman Hats 

Istanbul Mehmet 20in Dark Crash 

Zildjian Sweet Ride
Zildjian 22" K Light Ride


Coles 4038 x2 (matched pair) 

Royer 121 x1 

Beyerdynamic M160 x1  

AKG D12E (vintage) x1 

Sennheiser MD441 (vintage) x1 

Senneheiser MD421 x2 

Audio Technica ATM25 x2 

Shure SM57 x4 

Shure SM58 x2 

Unidyne 545SD x1 

Shure SM7b x1 

Electro Voice RE20 x1 

Wunder CM7 FET x1 
Wunder CM7 GS M7 x1

Sennheiser e602 x1 

Neumann KM184 x2 (matched pair) 

Joly Modded MXL 990 x1 


Aurora Audio GTP8 

API 3124+ 

Tascam M308B Channel x8 
Yamaha M406 x6



Aurora Audio GTC2 

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Mastering Plus 


API 5500 

Thermionic Culture The Swift 

Tascam M308B Channel x8 


Apogee Symphony MK I 16x16 


Thermionic Culture Little Bustard 16x2 

TEAC A-2340R 

TEAC A-2300SD 

Mac Mini 2020 / Pro Tools 2020 

Tascam M308B Console


Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub2-10C (x2)

Yamaha NS10s / Bryston 4BST

Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller

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